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22 November 2018Feast and Famine: Eating and Drinking 1500 to 1700
22 March 2018Charles Darwin & the Voyage of the Beagle
21 November 2017The English Parish Church - An architectural and social history
28 March 2017Splendours of Ancient Mexico and South America

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Feast and Famine: Eating and Drinking 1500 to 1700 David Bostwick Thursday 22 November 2018

Francis Bacon caught his death of cold from frozen food; some people felt unwell from ingesting lead from pewter plates; others spiked their tongues with new-fangled things called forks. Despite the hazards, the serving of food and the etiquette of eating was all-important. Through contemporary illustrations this lecture looks at food, dining furniture and tablewares – from humble wooden bowls and platters to the finest silver gilt, Venice glasses and French cutlery. 


David is a lecturer and consultant in the cultural history of the Medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods -  a specialist in medieval imagery and interior furnishings and decoration 1400-1700. Also former keeper of the Social History Collections, Sheffield City Museums and a consultant to the National Trust, English Heritage and Historic Scotland.

The lecture will be held in Croscombe Village Hall. Application forms are available by following this link to the DSI pages of the website, or by going to Our Society/Documents.