04 March 2018Chairman's letter March 2018: Change of lecture cycle.
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Chairman's letter March 2018: Change of lecture cycle.
Sunday 04 March 2018



Dear Member,

Whilst it is unusual to receive a ‘Chairman’s Letter’ at this time of year, I am taking the earliest opportunity of advising you of a proposed change in our future calendar regarding lectures. As many of you know we were faced with parking difficulties last July as a result of work relating to a function being organised at The Show Ground. It turned out that this was to be an annual event which for this year we have overcome by booking Wells Town Hall for our July lecture. You have all been advised of this change but this should serve to remind you to mark your lecture programme if you have not already done so.

This will be a one off arrangement, as following much discussion in Committee we have decided that in wishing to maintain a series of ten lectures per annum at the same venue, this may be best achieved by changing the lectures to run from September to June thereby finishing at the AGM each year. This will NOT apply however for the current year when we will finish as arranged in July at Wells. The following ‘year’ will commence in September 2018 meaning that for this year only there will be only a one month’s break. This will then be the normal pattern and will ensure that all lectures will be at Shepton Mallet. For avoidance of any doubt the following pattern will apply.

1.2017-2018 i.e. This Year—AGM at Shepton Mallet in June with the final lecture in July in Wells.

2.2018-2019 Commence in September and finish with the AGM in June with this pattern being maintained for the foreseeable future.

At sometime during this period we will be moving upstairs at our normal venue when I have been assured there will be a non-disruptive transfer and a lift will be available.

We sincerely trust that this proposal will prove the most satisfactory outcome for all Members. A formal proposition will be put to the AGM so that this and any other changes to our constitution, particularly as a result of the change of name this year may be endorsed. Any changes to the dates of subscriptions being due and other small changes will form part of a specific motion that will be advised before the date of the AGM.

Before the AGM it will be necessary to assess the requisite subscription and all changes will be taken into account. This is an area that causes much consideration every year as the cost of ensuring the quality of lectures is maintained, together with the fact that travel and sometimes accommodation costs are constantly on the increase, has to be taken into account.

I hope you consider that this is somewhat tempered by the fact that the present subscription for an individual with full attendance is currently only £4.20 per lecture. I assure you that every effort will be made to ensure any necessary increase is limited as far as possible. If any Member would like to discuss the contents of this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me. I sincerely hope that the telephone will not be too hot!

I have already referred to the recent change of name from NADFAS to The Arts Society, Mendip. The transition has been extremely smooth, largely thanks to the work of Committee Members. This gives me the opportunity to once again bring to your attention an issue that is constantly before us. The need for encouraging Members to have the desire to join the Committee features at all our meetings. We currently have a very dedicated group of people who ensure that ‘Mendip’ ticks along nicely-we hope! However, the call for volunteers constantly falls on apparently deaf ears whereas people waiting in the wings would be wonderful. Do please, give it some thought and let me know if you would like more information. A new Chairman is required with effect from June 2019!

It is also highly likely that a new Treasurer is needed before the commencement of the Year 2018-2019 in September. Someone, please come forward.

With Best Wishes

John Ledbury