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06 March 2018The anatomical drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci - a surgeon's view.
06 February 2018From Bristol to the sea: Artists, the Avon Gorge and Bristol Harbour
09 January 2018Women Impressionists - neglected modern mistresses
05 December 2017Gods and Gardens; The wall paintings of Ancient Rome.
07 November 2017Jane Austen; Letters, life and lesser known works
10 October 2017J M W Turner;The day Parliament burnt down
04 July 2017'1925 Paris Arts Decoratifs Exhibition and its influence on Design'
13 June 2017'Sunflowers and Lumiere - the art of Vincent van Gogh'
09 May 2017'The Historical Use of Wallpapers in the British Interior 1685 until Today'
04 April 2017'Exeter Cathedral: A Portrait in Decorative Gothic'
07 March 2017'Eric Ravilious, designer: Wood Engravings, Ceramics and Lithography'
07 February 2017'The Silver Thread - Filigree and Traditional Arts in Kosovo'
10 January 2017'Is Christmas in Good Taste'
06 December 2016'The Huguenot Silk Weavers of Spitalfields: from riches to rags'
01 November 2016'Prague - City of the Winter Queen'
11 October 2016'English Furniture in the 18th Century - The Golden Age'

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The anatomical drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci - a surgeon's view. Guy Rooker Tuesday 06 March 2018

Guy Rooker comes to lecturing from the world of science in general and surgery in particular. As a retired surgeon he describes himself as having a lifelong interest, fascination, and admiration for the work of Leonardo da Vinci and the remarkable contribution he made to both the world of art and the investigation of scientific concepts.

Da Vinci believed that art was based on a scientific understanding of everything depicted and accurate representation depended on him getting under the skin and into the mind of his subjects. This talk explores the way in which Leonardo acquired his knowledge of anatomy from experience, through extrapolation to human dissection, and ties in with the chronology of his travels and artistic achievments. It is illustrated with examples of his anatomical drawings and reflects the extra ordinary accuracy of his findings.