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11 September 2018The Art of the pre-historic potter
03 July 2018Masquerade, music lessons and monkeys. The world of 18th Century porcelain figures.
12 June 2018Giles - His life, times and cartoons
01 May 2018Guerra! Guerra!; Music, the arts and war 1800-2000
06 March 2018The anatomical drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci - a surgeon's view.

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The Art of the pre-historic potter Julian Richards Tuesday 11 September 2018

Julian Richards, archeologist, writer and broadcaster found archeology by accident when working temporarily for Nottingham Castle Museum. He went on to study history at Reading Unversity before working extensively as an archeologist on the Berkshire and Wiltshire Downs finding prehistoric burial sites and a wealth of pottery. His extensive knowledge of Stonehenge introduced him to TV, firstly as an adviser but soon as a presenter. This soon followed with the publication of many books, in support of, and based on the research for these programmes. He is a Fellow of the Soceity of Antiquaries of London and Member of the Institution of Archeologists.

In this lecture Julian will examine the pots of the Neolithic and Bronze and Iron ages, from the plain and functional to the more sophisticated pots used in trading. Does the art in their decoration reveal coded messages as to their content or purpose? This lecture will demonstrate that in ceramics, our ancestors were both technically skilled and capable of producing pots of great beauty till able to inspire potters today.