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05 November 2019Coffee from Arabia to the coffee house.
08 October 2019Poetry and Art of the First World War. The music of Wilfred Owens and his contemporaries.
10 September 2019Love, power and scandal: a royal jewel for every occasion
11 June 2019Fakes and Forgeries
07 May 2019In the wake of Handel: the impact of Handel on 300 years of British culture.
02 April 2019As good as gold
05 March 2019The English face unmasked. Five Centuries of Portrait techniques.
05 February 2019Dante's Divine comedy: other world images from Botticelli to Blake
08 January 2019Gilded Glories - The fascinating history of Gilded Decoration
04 December 2018Is photography fine art?
06 November 2018Treasures of the Royal Collection.
09 October 2018Indians, buffalos and storms. The American West, 19th Century art
11 September 2018The Art of the pre-historic potter
03 July 2018Masquerade, music lessons and monkeys. The world of 18th Century porcelain figures.
12 June 2018Giles - His life, times and cartoons
01 May 2018Guerra! Guerra!; Music, the arts and war 1800-2000

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Coffee from Arabia to the coffee house. Christopher Bradley Tuesday 05 November 2019

Christopher Bradley, after graduating as a civil engineer worked in Saudi Arabia and travelled widely around the country. He then spent 10 years working as a tour group leader and now has extensive experience of the Middle East and North Africa. He lectures to universities and societies, is a published author, a prolific travel photographer and a television documentary film maker. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a member of numerous Middle Eastern societies. 

Long before cappuccinos and skinny lattes, all the world's coffee traded through the tiny port of Mokha in Yemen. Popularised in Constantinople, Vienna and Amsterdam, the first English coffee-house opened the1650's and by 1700 there were 500 in London alone. Beginning as 'sobering meeting places' they were frequented by artists, authors and politicians where the debating of literary and political ideas was encouraged, as seen in early prints and lithographs. The promotion and marketing of coffee went through a distinctive art nouveau period and we will see it included in works of the major French Impressionists.