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08 January 2019Gilded Glories - The fascinating history of Gilded Decoration
05 February 2019Dante's Divine comedy: other world images from Botticelli to Blake
05 March 2019The English face unmasked. Five Centuries of Portrait techniques.
02 April 2019As good as gold
07 May 2019In the wake of Handel: the impact of Handel on 300 years of British culture.
11 June 2019Fakes and Forgeries
10 September 2019Love, power and scandal: a royal jewel for every occasion
08 October 2019Poetry and Art of the First World War. The music of Wilfred Owens and his contemporaries.
05 November 2019Coffee from Arabia to the coffee house.
03 December 2019Foreigners in London, from 1520 to 1677. The artists who changed the course of British Art
07 January 2020Kicking and Screaming: A brief story of Post-War British Art

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Gilded Glories - The fascinating history of Gilded Decoration Jo Mabbutt Tuesday 08 January 2019

Jo Mabbutt originally trained as singer, pianist and orchestal administrator. She is now a decorative artist who combines antique lace with gilding, printing and painting working as an individual and in collaboration with other artists. She is trained in wood graining, marbling, gilding, specialist paint finishes and interior design. She has been awarded medals of excellence and has taught in Further Education for 8 years. She now runs lectures and workshops for both leisure and specilaist groups.

The art of beating gold leaf and gilding goes back to ancient Egypt. For over 22 centuries skilled artisans have exploited the paper thin metal leaf to enrich materials such as wood, metal, marble, leather, textiles - even food and drink. Artist and craftsmen have illuminated manuscripts and icons, decorated noble houses, adorned domes, embellished erotic canvases and gilded chocolate and schnapps. Gold leaf continues to be used as the ultimate faux decoration and dazzling ornamentation