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09 October 2018Indians, buffalos and storms. The American West, 19th Century art
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03 December 2019Foreigners in London, from 1520 to 1677. The artists who changed the course of British Art
07 January 2020Kicking and Screaming: A brief story of Post-War British Art

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Indians, buffalos and storms. The American West, 19th Century art Toby Faber Tuesday 09 October 2018

Toby Faber, grandson of the founder of publishing house Faber and Faber, studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and has had a career of investment banking, management consulting, and 5 years as Managing Director of the publishing house. He has written 2 narrative histories, Stradivarius and Faberge's Eggs and lectured widely in the UK and the US on these subjects. He is still non-executive Chariman of the sister music company, a trustee of Yale University Press and a director of the Authors Licensing and Collecting Society.

Pictures from the anthropological subjects of Alfred Jacob Miller to the maganificent indulgence of Albert Bierstadt, American 19th Century art give a powerful if romantised perspective on the country and people that settlers, travelling to the west, found.  The lecture portrays the grandeur and the taming of America's west illustrated by some of the most monumental painting ever conceived.