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04 July 2019Application form for Visit to Laskett Gardens and Kentchurch Court.
09 May 2019Financial Statement for AGM, 2019
09 May 2019Agenda for 38th Annual General Meeting
12 March 2019Notice of AGM 2019, 11th June 2019
12 March 2019Minutes of 37th AGM held 12th June 2018
03 December 2018Chairman's letter, Christmas 2018 (future meeting venue)
22 November 2018Application Form Day of Special Interest 22 Nov 18
30 June 2018Letter and Application Form for new members 2019
29 June 2018Full letter and application form for Renewal of Membership 2019
29 June 2018Application Forms for Renewal of membership 2019
20 March 2018Constitution and Rules of the Mendip Society
19 March 2018Summary of amendments to the Constitution and Rules
25 June 2016How to recognise the rest of the committee.
25 June 2016How to recognise your Committee members
04 April 2016Church Trail Answers for St Peter's Church, Evercreech
03 April 2016Church Trail for St Peter's Church, Everchreech
03 March 2016Pictures from a Gallery - ArtFest 2016
07 July 2015A sample of a Church Trail, as produced for Mells Church, Somerset.